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What we do

Daily Shift Report

Following a working day, you can provide the daily activity report right away in the file format of your choice (CSV, PDF, XLS).

Customizable Templates

Create faster your worked done for the day by using templates that you can customized. Have a different template for every project.

Increase Productivity

Writing daily tasks reporting traditionally takes time. With NotesNimo, you can increase your productivity and consistency.

Reports in a Jiffy

It's our mission to help remote workers maximize their time using our easy-to-use reports app.

What they say...

I love it. It's simple and so easy to use.

Lalaine M.

I like the dashboard. Everything in one place. I cannot work without it.

Joanna Y.

As a VA working for multiple clients, it's so useful for my job. I can make my reports for all of my clients in one place.

Stefan S.